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E-Waste No Longer Welcome At Colorado Landfills

Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment

You’re not going to be able to kick your dead TV or obsolete computer straight to the curb anymore. That's because of Colorado's Electronic Recycling Jobs Act [.pdf] which takes effect July 1.

The Denver Post reports the effort is meant to keep hazardous waste found in most electronic devices out of landfills. If not properly disposed of, substances such as lead, mercury and arsenic can present risks to human health and the environment.

That means trashing old computers, televisions, cell phones, or VCRs (yes, some people still do have them) will involve a trip to one of the state’s electronic-waste recycling facilities.

E-waste recycling programs are sometimes offered by local communities and stores. A state health department website allowsColoradansto search for such programs by ZIP code, and provides links to companies that buy used electronics.

Communities including Weld County [.pdf] and the city of Fort Collins are preparing for July 1 with information on their websites.

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