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Hug-A-Hunter Ad Campaign Gets Attention

Colorado Wildlife Council

You might have seen the Hug-a-Hunter or Hug-an-Angler ads on TV or social media over the past year. Through both messaging and humor, the campaign aims to highlight that hunters and anglers contribute to conservation. One ad starts by explaining that when someone buys a hunting license, some of that money goes to conservation, like restoring forests and protecting wildlife.

"The money from hunting licenses pays to conserve Colorado so even if you don't hunt, chances are you still love hunting," the narrator says.  The ad ends with a group hug between a family of hikers and a very confused hunter. 

The Colorado Wildlife Council, the group behind the ads, has found that the campaign’s message is resonating.  Its most recent statewide survey shows that Coloradans are more aware of the connection between license fees and wildlife management. About 6 in 10 responded said they support hunting, and about 8 in 10 said they support fishing. But some people who don’t hunt or fish, especially in urban areas, still have negative attitudes about those activities. 

As KUNC's Senior Editor and Reporter, my job is to find out what’s important to northern Colorado residents and why. I seek to create a deeper sense of urgency and understanding around these issues through in-depth, character driven daily reporting and series work.
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