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From the Desk of President Neil Best: Radio And The Digital Frontier

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

Among the challenges facing public broadcasters is how to quickly adapt to new ways of doing business.

What does that mean? Here is an example. In describing you, we used to talk about the public radio listener. Now we balance the description by talking about both the public radio listener and the public radio user.

The KUNC audience still is for the greatest part a listening audience, i.e., turning on the radio and hearing a variety of programs. Increasingly though, you are becoming a digital audience.

Parts of that definition are still traditional. You continue to listen to a variety of programs, but instead of using a radio you use a phone, tablet, or desktop. It also means that you listen on your own terms, when you want, using a podcast or a stream.

It also means there are great opportunities for our relationship to be interactive. In the past the interaction was limited pretty much to your listening to us, with the exception of when we convinced you to send us your membership dollars. Increasingly we have the opportunity to visit back and forth, using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Looking at this past year we have seen significant growth in our digital services. Comparing 2011 to 2012 the number of unique visitors to KUNC.org jumped up by 119%. During the same period the number of visits to KUNC.org was up by 87%.

The success of our digital endeavors and the increased usage is attributable to the dedication of the news and music staff at KUNC, working with our Digital Media Manager Jim Hill. They are all collaborating to create content you value, presented in a user friendly manner.

Our commitment looking forward in 2013 is to continue to do the best job we can to meet your needs as a KUNC listener and as a KUNC digital user.

Warm Regards,

President & CEO

PS: Your thoughts and comments are always welcome below...

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