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From the Desk of President Neil Best: Tell Us What You Think

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

This is an invitation. We are interested in knowing what you think about what you hear on KUNC or read on KUNC.org.

A critical portion of the station’s strategic plan adopted last fall is labeled Community Engagement. Simply put, it is our desire to “enhance and encourage community engagement.”

Originally, broadcast signals were very much a one-way form of communication. Radio stations broadcast signals to a geographic area and there was very little interaction with listeners. Times have changed and our worlds are much more interconnected today. From my perspective, that is a good thing. It allows us new avenues to understand how we can better serve you and create a better information, music, and entertainment programming service for you and your family.

While some of the avenues I am about to share with you have existed in the past, others are a direct outcome of our strategic planning process. In each case I invite you to consider communicating with us and with others in the KUNC audience to share your reactions, thoughts, and concerns.

  • When you visit KUNC.org and read any report produced by the KUNC news department, you can comment on that story and read other's thoughts on that subject and get involved with the dialog.
  • You can direct specific concerns, suggestions, or compliments to the staff at KUNC via email at comment@kunc.org.
  • Join us on Facebook at Facebook.com/KUNC915, where we share items about the station and specific news items and events as an information source for you. It is also a place you can share your views.
  • If you prefer Twitter, we’re @KUNC. Please follow us and tweet us anytime.
  • You are also invited to call our comment line at 970 350-0824 and leave us a message.

Each and every comment is seen and heard by our staff. Your feedback is vital to helping us shape the service you listen to and see from KUNC.
We also want to know how you want us to communicate with you. Please take our survey and tell us what you think about InTune and how we can make it better.

Many of these avenues create instantaneous opportunities for all of us in the KUNC community (staff/listeners/users) to share experiences together. Others will involve creating new platforms to allow us to share each others thoughts. We are working on how best to approach these opportunities and challenges, and we invite you to help us develop a community that is truly engaged with each other.

Warm Regards,

President & CEO

PS: Your thoughts and comments are always welcome below... or you can reach out directly at neil.best@kunc.org, @neil_best, or 970.350.0806

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