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From the Desk of President Neil Best: Growing The KUNC Family

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

If you tuned in during our one-day summer membership drive, you heard something a little different. Our focus for the drive was to recruit new members.

It’s not that we don’t value our existing members, or want to remind you to renew. On the contrary, we couldn’t afford to do a one-day new member drive without the support we receive from our current members, especially our sustaining members.

The key to sustaining and improving the service that KUNC provides to our listeners is by attracting new listeners and new members.

That’s why, during the summer drive, we asked our current members to help us. Not by making an additional donation (though those are always welcome), but instead by recruiting your friends to listen to KUNC, and to become members if they listen and haven’t done so yet.

It’s easy. Just share stories you heard on KUNC with your friends via social media. Tell your co-workers about the great song you heard on KUNC Music or World Café. Start a discussion when you hear something that piqued your curiosity on RadioLab, This American Life, or The TED Radio Hour. Let everyone know what you love about KUNC, and invite them to listen for themselves.


We’ll take it from there.

Let us know what you’ve done to recruit new KUNC listener-members. Just email membership@kunc.org and tell us your story and we’ll send you our official “Public Radio Recruiter” and KUNC buttons.

As always, thank you for your continued support for KUNC.

Warm Regards,

President & CEO

PS: Your thoughts and comments are always welcome below... or you can reach out directly at neil.best@kunc.org, @neil_best, or 970.350.0806

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