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Good News: KUNC Completes Backup Systems Installation For Main Transmitter

Ken Broeffle
The new LP Generator installed at the KUNC Transmitter facility on Buckhorn Mountain.

Sitting high atop remote Buckhorn Mountain, KUNC’s main transmitter site has been vulnerable to reoccurring power outages, including an extended outage from the 2012 High Park fire.

For example, May 1 KUNC was off the air for an 11 hour power outage, followed by additional outages Sept. 6 and Sept. 9. After investigating our options, KUNC’sboard of directors approved the $50,000 emergency backup project in June.

Equipment was immediately ordered and the project began. After a slight delay during the September floods, the new LP Gas generator and computer controlled automatic backup transmitter system was fully operational Oct. 8 Final touches and testing were completed Dec. 18.

Now in the event of outages, routine maintenance and other unforeseen events, the generator and a backup transmitter are readily available to keep 91.5fm on the air. It's all part of the continuing investments made to improve KUNC as a community service - and all made possible through your support.

Have any radio or engineering questions about the operations here at KUNC? Feel free to email our own "Ken-gineer:" Ken.Broeffle@KUNC.org

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