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From Neil Best's Desk: An Ongoing Conversation With You

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

We want to hear from you… about everything and anything. Here at KUNC we read each and every comment that we receive, be it over the phone, through email, tweets, posts on our Facebook page, or heck we even open and read old-fashioned mail!

Your comments and ideas help us gauge whether we are meeting our mission of informing and inspiring you.

In early July, we introduced a new weekend lineup with the hope of engaging your mind and heart through the voices of public radio. Many of you reached out to us to share your thoughts. As you might imagine, the opinions have been as diverse as the KUNC audience:

“I was so disappointed to see your new schedule… What a shame.” - Eve “Overall, I’m pleased with the changes… Looking forward to hearing some new shows, or ones that I’ve been exposed to briefly on other stations.” - Jane “After 35+ years of listening and contributing I am giving up on KUNC and looking for another place to call “home” and be a sustaining member.” - Ron “I love the new lineup! Thanks for bringing some exciting new programs.” - Lisa “How disappointing that A Prairie Home Companion is not playing on Sundays!!!” - Carol “I just wanted to send a quick message to say how much we enjoy the new weekend lineup. We love the new shows, especially The Moth and Snap Judgment.” - Matt

You get the picture.

What is most important is that you are sharing your deeply held beliefs about the changes that have been made. Equally important is that we are closely monitoring what you are telling us.

One of the traditions of public radio has been to stubbornly avoid change. We have been very reticent to change, in order to avoid upsetting anyone. As your choices have expanded we need to work harder to stimulate you, surprise you, and hopefully continually engage you.

When we make changes in our programming schedule we are quite aware that if you disagree with our decisions you have choices. But we also know that many of you rely on us to introduce you to new choices, choices you may not have been aware of prior to your introduction on KUNC. I want to assure you each and every message you send us is read, thought about, and will help guide us in our future considerations.

So please keep the comments coming.

Your comments and ideas don’t need to be limited to programming changes; your thoughts can shape many aspects of KUNC. I invite you to read about a new digital series debuting, Hidden Colorado. In addition to offering fascinating stories about Colorado, we are inviting you to tell us about stories that fascinate you. Doing so will give us new ideas and help to create content we can share with other members of the KUNC community.

The future success of Hidden Colorado will then be determined by your engagement and ideas. What Hidden Colorado stories do you want to see explored? Check out our interactive map and then click on "suggest" to send us your stories.

It is a changing world and we do invite you to share with us your reactions, your criticisms, and your suggestions for how KUNC can best serve you in the future. Ultimately, we are your public radio station.

Warm Regards,

President & CEO

PS: Just in case you weren't sure. Really, your thoughts and comments are always welcome below... or you can reach out directly at neil.best@kunc.org, @neil_best, or 970.350.0806

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