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From Neil Best's Desk: Will You Help Us Meet A One-Day Goal?

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

As you have most likely heard the goal is to eliminate seven of the eight days of the 2014 fall membership drive on KUNC.

If you are already a member of KUNC, I want to say thank you for your support.

So as a current member how can you help?  If you give your annual donation in the fall, renewing your membership Oct. 14 helps us meet our goal. Of course, your additional gift or increase in your monthly sustaining membership will also be counted toward the one day goal. So please think about helping that way.

More importantly, you know coworkers, neighbors, friends, family who listen to KUNC. Folks who are constantly saying to you, "I heard on KUNC…" But they are also among those who are not members. Will you please support KUNC by encouraging them to become members and make sure the fall membership drive on KUNC is only one day?

Perhaps you can remind them that in election years, KUNC often hears from listeners who are grateful that KUNC delivers news about the candidates and issues on the ballot in November, without the endless political advertising that floods the commercial airwaves. Some of that goodwill is gone when the station has to interrupt regular programming with a 7 or 8-day membership drive.

The goal next Tuesday, Oct. 14 is to be different. To successfully complete KUNC's fall membership drive in just one day. It's a risk, but we're confident that our listeners will take advantage of the opportunity to have the rest of the week fundraising-free.

As additional motivation, a passionate KUNC listener from Fort Collins will donate an additional $55,000 when the goal of $190,000 is reached by 7 p.m. That's our largest challenge grant ever.

We understand that there's a lot at stake in the upcoming election. There's also a lot at stake in cutting your public radio station's drive to just one day. But you don't have to wait — you can help us reach our goal and get that additional $55,000.

Encourage coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family to join you and your family as members of KUNC. You can also increase your sustaining membership or make an additional gift right now. Then you can enjoy seven days of fundraising-free listening, with our gratitude.

Thanks for helping.

President & CEO

PS: Your thoughts and comments are always welcome below... or you can reach out directly at neil.best@kunc.org, @neil_best, or 970.350.0806

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