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Welcome To The New KUNC.org

photo illustration: Jim Hill, KUNC

Your support of KUNC does a lot more than just make sure the radio stays on the air. Your support also brings you in-depth local news, quality writing, photography and innovative stories.

Today we're giving all of that a major upgrade. Let's take a tour shall we?

Along with our partners at NPR Digital Services, we're introducing a new streaming player and a new design for KUNC.org. All this new paint and spackle makes sure you can get what you're looking for, on any screen, regardless of the device.

New Streaming Player: Reading KUNC And Listening To KUNC Are No Longer Separated

See that new play button up top? Go press play...

Did you know we produce news you can read too? Traditionally, listening to the news we put on the radio and reading the news on the website have been two separate activities. We're calling this new streaming player the "persistent player" - meaning that once you click play, you can surf around KUNC.org and read stories and NOT interrupt your listening. Click play and suddenly want to look at cute pictures of boreal toads? Not a problem. Want to check the schedule? Go do that.

We're really excited about it. Get started right now by clicking the play button.

Mobile, Computer, TV, Viewscreen On The Enterprise – Whatever, Wherever

Credit Still from 'Star Trek' courtesy Paramount Pictures
Still from 'Star Trek' courtesy Paramount Pictures
Obviously photoshoped, but you get the idea. The new website is fancy and works on any screen.

The new KUNC.org has been designed to be responsive. It's all the rage these days online. Basically, it means the site can adapt to what ever screen you want to read or listen to KUNC from. We've especially been paying attention to the mobile phone experience, since we're all so completely hooked on them now.

Stories Are Very, Very Pretty

Pictures are bigger, text is cleaner and easier to read, and we've added some whitespace so everything can breath. We know a whole bunch of design-types, they assure us we're speaking about this correctly and that whitespace is a "great thing."

It all adds up to stories that are more informative. That feel bigger. That bring Colorado right to you. Here's some of our favorites:

There's a lot more to explore here at KUNC.org. Take a look around. Try things out - and if you find a way to break something? Well, that's alright too. That's half the fun of something new. Leave us your thoughts in the comments or drop us a line at comment@kunc.org.

I’m not a Colorado native (did you know that "I'm from Missouri" means "I'm skeptical of the matter and not easily convinced?") but I have lived here for most of my life and couldn't imagine leaving. After graduating from Colorado State University, I did what everyone wants to do; I moved to the mountains and skied, hiked, and hid from responsibility! Our listeners in the mountains may know me from my time in Steamboat Springs and Vail or as the voice of the Battle Mountain Huskies Hockey team in Vail.