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From Neil Best’s Desk: After The Election

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

The 2016 election will be in the rear view mirror very shortly. I want to take a moment to say thank you for turning to KUNC this fall for election coverage. Your supportive comments, and your constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Looking forward, what are the plans for the NPR and KUNC newsrooms? NPR Vice President for News Michael Oreskes reflects that, “We have the power to actually introduce Americans from different backgrounds and points of view to each other. We can, in the popular phrase, be a convener of important conversations.” That is what we plan to continue to do in the coming year.

Here at KUNC our reporters will be focusing their efforts on critical issues as related to public policy, education, the economy, the arts, food production, and energy. Their stories will aim to encourage conversation in our diverse community. We are very excited about our newly-launched conversations with Colorado’s state historian, Patty Limerick. Our “Beers and Ballot” collaboration this fall provided us with a foundation for creating additional opportunities for you, the listening audience, to come together with our journalists to talk about issues that matter to you. Our goal is to continue and enhance our value to you.

This critical reporting will of course be an integral part of our broadcast schedule. At the same time we are committed to creating an even more vibrant digital presence at  KUNC.org, an additional resource for you with in-depth, insightful information and storytelling.

Our commitment to provide you with stories that matter from voices you trust has never been stronger. We look forward to conversation with you.