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From Neil Best’s Desk: NPR & Public Accountability

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

Dear Friends,

Many of you have heard me speak of the importance of the editorial process in public radio.  Most often we think of that process as involving editors working with reporters. Creating concepts, suggesting focus, checking facts, etc. This process creates greater accountability to the public, including you and me.

But the process at any organization is not perfect. One of the ways NPR endeavors to enhance its accountability to the public is through the office of the NPR Ombudsman/Public Editor. This position is a three-year term and reports directly to the President & CEO of NPR. The charge for the position is to serve as the public’s representative to NPR, responsible for bringing transparency to matters of journalism and journalism ethics. 

Elizabeth Jensen is the current NPR Ombudsman/Public Editor, appointed to her position in 2015.  Elizabeth has a broad background in journalism having worked at The Los Angeles Times, Brill’s Content, The Wall Street Journal, and  New York Daily News.

The office receives tens of thousands of comments and inquires each year. You can send your thoughts directly to Elizabeth. Her reports are shared with the staff at NPR and are also posted on the NPR website.



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