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Get Involved: Audio Information Network of Colorado

Karlie Huckels - KUNC
Staff, volunteers, and Board members of the Audio Information Network of Colorado

Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) is a nonprofit organization that provides live and recorded programming resources for blind, visually impaired and print-disabled individuals. It has been the only service of its kind in Colorado for 27 years.

“We want to provide what we do at no cost because primary population of blind and visually impaired people is the senior citizen population. About 70% of all blind people in the nation are senior citizens,” said executive director David Dawson. “Blind people are generally 1% of the country’s population, but its 25% of all people who are 65 years of age and older and just in Colorado a very conservative estimate of seniors who fall into the category of blind or visually impaired is around 140,000 people.”

The AINC provides print materials such as periodicals specific to different cities, grocery ads, books and novels and so much more, all in an audio format. There are so many ways that people can listen as well. As well as in-home receivers and phone services, there is also the option of internet live streaming, podcasts and on-demand internet program services.

These recorded and live services are offered in Denver, Northern Colorado, Grand Junction, Durango, the Western Slope, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Two years ago the AINC also added a Spanish Language broadcast.

Credit Audio Information Network of Colorado

“My volunteers do not need to be native speakers,” said Rossana Longo Better, director of Spanish language services. “I have four students right now that are from CU and they are thrilled because they are able to practice their Spanish.”

The AINC is always looking for more volunteers to read for them in Spanish, English or both.

“If you have a passion for information and you like to be on top of what’s happening around the world it is an easy thing to just volunteer here,” said Longo Better.

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