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Get Involved: Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals

Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals (NCFF) is a trap, neuter, return (TNR) nonprofit that has benefited the livelihood of cats in Northern Colorado since March of 2009.

“We’ve been at this awhile and we’ve done 7200 cats,” said cofounder Leslie Vogt.

NCFF alters approximately 1100 cats every year. They schedule multiple days a year for volunteers to help trap, vaccinate, neuter, and care for the cats. After they are all healed and healthy, volunteers return the cats to their feral colonies.

“I was on the board of one of the shelters, and was thinking ‘we’ve got to do better than this,’” said Vogt. “When we first started, some of the shelters were killing 30-40% of the feral cats.”

Friends of Ferals is trying to better the lives of the feral cat population with medical care. They are also taking the preventative measures needed to try and slow down the rapidly increasing population of feral cats in Northern Colorado.

Credit Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals
Barn cats tended to by the Friends of Ferals

“It’s so rewarding when you get a cat that would never have medical care ever, and we can take them in and give them the care they need so they don’t have to suffer,” said cofounder Jan Link.

With help of generous donors, NCFF was able to open a new facility in Fort Collins this past July and is now able to help more cats at a time then they were able to before.

To find out more information about Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals click here

To volunteer to help with trapping click here

To volunteer in the clinic click here

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