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Get Involved: Envision

Anna Hunt / KUNC

Envision is a nonprofit that supports and assists those with disabilities.“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” says Celeste Ewert, the Executive Director.

Envision helps provide information to agencies and give advice to help give each individual the care that they need. And the organization hopes that people with disabilities, or abilities as they like to say, can live the best lives possible.

Envision has programs from birth until death, to help provide for any and every person at any time in their life. They currently have over fifty types of programs to help the variety of people that they provide for says Beth Allen, Envisions Fundamental Development and Communications coordinator.

Among the fifty types of programs Envision has, they help infants and toddlers with developmental delays so they can catch up to their peers, help keep children home with their families, help adults live a life of their own design, and help provide cost effective care for those whose families can no longer support them.

Tamara Brady serves on the board of directors, and she believes that everyone has abilities, and Envision is really good at empowering and enhancing them. Making their clients feel better about the abilities they have.


When you walk into the front doors of Envision, you see all of the artwork that is created from their art program. This art is also sold to the public and in auctions. All profits go towards helping enrich the lives of those Envision serves.

Envision is always looking for volunteers, whether it is a one time opportunity such as their H’art of Envision Art Show. They also need long term volunteers for their board of directors, the human rights council, and family support council.

Envisions next event is their H’art of Envision Art Show and Opening Reception on October 6th 2017, here you can meet the artists as they create their art live.

To learn more about Envision, click here.

To learn more about the H’art of Envision Art Show, click here.

To volunteer, click here

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