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Get Involved: Greeley's Senior Resource Services

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Greeley’s Senior Resource Services is a unique nonprofit in Weld County that has provided independence in the form of free transportation for elders in the community since 2006.

“There are a lot of seniors who are stuck in their homes because they cannot drive,” said volunteer coordinator Shelby Florio.

There is estimated to be a 68 percent increase in the senior population between 2017 and 2030. Greeley Senior Resource Services allows seniors to stay in their homes and keep a sense of agency even after the ability to drive isn’t a part of their daily lives.

“If you stop and think about your grandparents …  imagine them not asking for help but needing it,” said Executive Director Janet Bedingfield.  “As a society, seniors are not on our radar.”

Senior Resource Services are doing everything they can to help seniors in need. Last year they gave 9,000 rides to more than 300 seniors. They have around 900 seniors registered in their system.  Even though they appear to be a small organization based out of an office in downtown Greeley, they assist all 4,017 square miles of Weld County. Bill Allmer, a senior who uses Senior Resource Services encourages people to volunteer. 

Credit Senior Resource Services
Senior Resource Services helps elders keep their independence.

“If there is a retired person who is absolutely bored, and want to keep their youthful attitude. Get in contact with the Senior Resource Services. They will be more than welcome to put you to work and add some variety and vigor into your life being a volunteer,” said Allmer.

For more information on Senior Resource Services, click here.

To volunteer, click here.