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From Neil Best's Desk: Time To Reflect

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

Dear Friends,

It has been my passion for the mission of public radio that has driven my career for more than forty years. 

The need to meet daily deadlines for those of us in the media can lead to not taking time to reflect.  On our Independence Day, I did make some time for reflection.

My day began with hearing the staff of National Public Radio continue the 4th of July tradition of reading the entire Declaration of Independence shortly after six in the morning.  As it does every year, that ten minutes crystalizes for me the value of non-profit, community radio.  

In a world that is increasingly filled with shrill voices, fabricated stories posted on social media and traveling through our society at a dizzying speed, there is something very special about taking time to read the founding document of America. 

I would submit those ten minutes are a true reflection of KUNC’s community focus. We exist to serve you, our stakeholders, rather than to generate profits for shareholders. Our goal each and every day is be informed by you, to reflect our community.  At the end of every day, we answer to you.

Our board of directors means we are community governed. They are a part of the community, devoted to representing you and ensuring we are accountable to you.

Be assured that absolutely every member of the staff is keenly aware of our shared responsibility to be accountable to the community, to be good stewards of the responsibility entrusted to us.   

It is your support that makes community radio possible. KUNC would not exist without you. I believe you will agree that it is a relationship that is working.


Neil Best
President & CEO