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There's No Place Like Home: Storytellers On The Residences That Shaped Them

Catherine Welch / KUNC
Luke Runyon hosts "There's No Place Like Home: A Community Storytelling Event" at The Lyric in Fort Collins on December 5th.

A young woman gets to know the recipient of her bone marrow donation. A hippie oddesey featuring celebrity cameos of all stripes. A doctor paying his dues learns lessons about life and death. 

Colorado storytellers of all walks of life came together at The Lyric in Fort Collins on December 5th for "There's No Place Like Home: A Community Storytelling Event", hosted by KUNC's Luke Runyon, with music from Matthew Wilburn Skinner of the band Tallgrass. 

Stephanie Daniel

Credit Ryan Thompson / KUNC

"My family has left me behind... in the middle of a national park... in Canada."

Audience Wildcard: Moses Street

"We're just two teenagers hitchiking, and we're saying, 'whoa, dreams do come true'."

Audience Wild Card Moses Street takes us on a wild ride through California in the 1960s, with appearances by Muhammad Ali and Charles Manson!

Paula Davis

Credit Ryan Thompson / KUNC

"On the one hand I think 'Facebook is no place for a real dialogue...", and on the other hand I think, 'maybe I'm the one person in the world they can never get mad at?'"

Paula Davis gets to know the family of the recipient of her bone marrow donation, with heart-warming results.

Marc Ringel

"Presence is what you have to offer somebody. Period. Especially when they're dying."

When Marc Ringel was a young doctor, his first hospice patient taught him a great deal about what it takes to be a good caretaker.

Audience Wildcard: Mary Roberts

"Taffy was the greatest dog in the world. She was our shelter from the storm, our refuge from the world that was going on. We took this lesson to adulthood."

For wildcard speaker Mary Roberts, home is where the DOG is.

Laura Pritchett

"I'm about to buy the same home... for the second time!"

Can Laura Pritchett make a house fraught with memories of divorce into her home for the second time?

KUNC's next community storytelling event is coming in March 2019. Stay tuned for details!