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From Neil Best's Desk


Dear Friends,

Listener support has made possible growing the KUNC newsroom over the past year.  And the result is a breadth of interesting and in-depth series on topics that matter.  So keep reading to hear what your membership is supporting….

Later this week KUNC’s Leigh Patterson, who is part of the Guns and America project, will look at the impact of the tragedy at Columbine High School, as we approach the 20th anniversary of that event.  She will be featured along with Joshua Johnson in a special broadcast of 1A this Thursday at 9 am.  You will also hear her reporting during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Coverage of the Colorado River by KUNC’s Luke Runyon continues.  If you missed it, we aired a three-part series on the Colorado River Delta, titled, “Where the River Ends.”  You can find it, and all of Luke’s reporting here.

KUNC’s Mountain West reporter, Rae Ellen Bichell, has been probing the issue of chronic wasting disease found in wildlife and explores a really important question.  Can this epidemic found in deer and elk threaten human health? 

We also know that educational issues are a major concern for our listeners.  KUNC’s education reporter, Stephanie Daniel, has spent several months exploring the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s initiative of increasing the number of Coloradans with a post-secondary degree. Her reporting will be broadcast in the coming weeks.

Of course along with the extended coverage of these four topics our news staff continues reporting on a wide variety of critical issues from the arts, to the economy, to the work of the state legislature.

Clearly, your gifts have been vital to our ability to create a vibrant newsroom that is creating impactful journalism.  The ability of KUNC to ensure vibrant journalism during these challenging times for the news industry is happening only with membership support.  Thank you.

Warm Regards,

President & CEO