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Get Involved: Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

Karlie Huckels
Educational Owls taking a peek at the visitor in through the window!

For more than 30 years, the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program in Fort Collins has been rescuing and rehabilitating birds of prey. Their goal is to release the raptors back into the wild as well as educate the community about these birds.

“Our mission really is that we want to not only inspire the appreciation but also the protection of raptors and the spaces they live, through excellence in rehabilitation education and research,” said executive director Carin Avila.

Credit Karlie Huckels / KUNC
The newest addition to RMRP's educational owls.

When you walk into the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program’s facility it immediately feels like you have taken to the trees and skies with the birds. Each room has a décor that displays the passion for the birds they serve and serves an educational purpose as well. It inspires you to learn more about these amazing creatures.

“The scientific definition of a rapture is a predatory bird that uses its feet and talons to catch and kill its prey they also tend to have a hooked beak,” said Avila. “Eagles, owls, falcons, hawks, and osprey as well as another group of hawks called accipiters are all considered raptors. We also take care vultures here. Technically not a raptor but we still love them. So we take care of them as well.”

Credit Karlie Huckels / KUNC
Each stamp on this wall represents a raptor that was rescued.

RMRP has many areas to house raptors, from rescue birds that will be released to educational birds that wouldn’t survive out on their own due to injuries. They care for these educational birds as well as use them as tools to educate the community about the birds.

RMRP cares for roughly 300 raptors each year and relies heavily on help from volunteers. They look for help with not only caring for the birds but also volunteers to work in the office.

To find out more information about RMRP or to volunteer click here.

Get Involved Colorado is a series that highlights nonprofit organizations across the state that are looking for volunteers. If you know of an organization that needs an extra set of hands and volunteers with passionate hearts, contact host/producer Karlie Huckels at karlie.huckels@kunc.org .

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