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Get Involved: Eco-Cycle


In 1976, recycler Eco-Cycle made Boulder one of the first 20 communities in the U.S. to offer curbside recycling. Since their inception, they have continued to expand access for members of the community to recycle and have provided education and resources for people to strive for a zero-waste lifestyle.

"Eco-cycle is a 43-year-old community-based nonprofit that both advocates for and implements recycling, compost, and other zero waste solutions," said Suzanne Jones, executive director. "The reason we do all this work is to build a more equitable sustainable and climate friendly future."

Eco-Cycle understands that the zero-waste lifestyle isn't something that all people can achieve but they still encourage people to take the steps that they can, whether that is recycling, composting, or by learning little ways that they can change their life to help the environment.

Not only does Eco-Cycle help the community with zero-waste services and programs, but they also operate the Boulder County Recycling Center and the Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM). All of the revenues are used to fund zero-waste operations, outreach, education, and advocacy work in the community.

"How we do a lot of our work is through volunteers and inviting community members to join with us in various efforts," said Jones, who is also the mayor of Boulder. "There's a lot of ways to get involved with us, whether it's to donate your time, your participation or living a more sustainable lifestyle."

Eco-Cycle offers many opportunities to get involved with their organization from volunteering as an Eco-Leader and helping educate your community about zero-waste practices to just reducing use of nonrecyclable materials. They are always looking for people to help identify, explore and demonstrate emerging frontiers of sustainable resource management.

"We invite people to join with us to live a more sustainable life and plan for more sustainable future," said Jones.

To find out more information about Eco-Cycle or to volunteer click here.

Get Involved Colorado is a series that highlights nonprofit organizations across the state that are looking for volunteers. If you know of an organization that needs an extra set of hands and volunteers with passionate hearts, contact host/producer Karlie Huckels at karlie.huckels@kunc.org.

Music in this piece was provided by Blue Dot Sessions.

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