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Dina Temple-Raston's New Series 'I'll Be Seeing You' Is Eliminating The Technology Bogeyman


KUNC has been airing a new show, I’ll Be Seeing You , at 1pm on Sunday afternoons. It’s a 4 part mini series from NPR hosted by Dina Temple-Raston about the Technologies that watch us and KUNC’s Karlie Huckels was able to talk with her about the series. Here are some highlights of that conversation:

What is I'll Be Seeing You?

I’ll Be Seeing You are stories about the technologies that watch us and the animating idea of it was that there are lots of technology terms that get thrown around that we don't necessarily understand. What we did is we actually used interesting narrative stories. Within those narrative stories are simple to understand ways to understand technology.

Where did the idea for the show come from?

I thought that there were a lot of things that were being said in terms of technology that people couldn't explain. We sort of us started with this idea of how do we explain something like, offensive cyber? How do we explain hacking? How do we explain artificial intelligence? We talk about it all the time but it's very hard to explain how it works. We do all of that in this series.

Are there any ways you're changing your interactions or the way you view technology?

No, I think I was always pretty careful because I have such a weird last, if you're looking for me it's super easy. I've always been really really careful also because my beat was terrorism. I think that by the end of all of this I realized that there really are a lot of ways to track you and you need to be aware of those. I think the other thing is that things like artificial intelligence seems like it's all evil and really once you understand it this sort of evil part of it goes away. I think by understanding it, we take away that mystery and just make it something that we can be able to place in a larger context in our lives. I think that was the big motivation in the series is to give people the knowledge that they need to understand this technology, so they can make informed decisions about it.