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From Neil Best's Desk



For the past five months, the Community Radio for Northern Colorado Board of Directors has directed an extensive review and revision of our strategic vision.

Through the review process, we held conversations with a wide variety of stakeholders, including members of the board, members of the five community advisory panels, underwriters, contributing members of both KUNC and the Colorado Sound, as well as members of the staffs of both stations.

Today I am pleased to share with you a summary of the strategic initiatives for both KUNC and the Colorado Sound, as we look towards the next 5 years.

For KUNC, the vision is to be “The most trusted news leader for the Front Range, informing, connecting and representing communities across the region, reflecting and amplifying issues important to them locally, regionally and nationally—we embrace local and give voice to unheard Colorado.”

To accomplish this vision, we have established a set of initiatives:

  • Become the leading news source for the Front Range
  • Deepen relationships with existing audiences and grow new ones across platforms

For the Colorado Sound, the vision is “Curating the unique musical spirit of Colorado for audiences wherever they are—uncovering and re-discovering eclectic music that people actually want to listen to.  Distinctively creating the ‘sound and feeling of Colorado’”

To accomplish this vision, we have established a separate set of initiatives:

  • Engage with the Colorado music scene across platforms
  • Grow by building on Colorado roots: position for national opportunity

Both stations share two additional initiatives:

  • Create unique collaborations and partnerships
  • Grow awareness and build capability for the future.

KUNC and The Colorado Sound are well-positioned to accomplish these goals, thanks to your ongoing support. With our base in one of the fastest-growing regions of the country, we have tremendous opportunities to increase our public service. Your support makes it all possible.
Warm Regards,

Neil Best 
President & CEO