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From Neil Best's Desk


Dear Friends,

The Colorado Legislature has just opened the 2020 legislative session, and KUNC is committed to providing critical coverage of this important session. Many important issues will be debated, and decisions will be made that impact all of us, wherever we live in Colorado. 

Reporter Scott Franz will once again head up KUNC’s reporting from the state capitol.  I asked him to identify what he believes will be the most intensely discussed issues in 2020, and he shared six specific issues.  Scott believes that paid family leave, health care costs, transportation, oil and gas, school safety, and tobacco/vaping will dominate the conversation.  In addition, Scott notes there is always an issue or two that become prominent that no one could forecast at the start of the session.

To prepare for this year’s session, Scott was one of 20 statehouse/politics reporters from around the country to receive a National Press Foundation Fellowship.  Meeting in Washington D.C. last month, Scott was able to compare notes and learn from other reporters about how to be better at bringing to us the state-wide impact of decisions being made at the capitol in Denver over the next few months.

I invite you to join with me in following Scott’s reporting on Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Colorado Edition.

Warm Regards,

Neil Best 
President & CEO