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From Neil Best's Desk


Dear Friends,

A few days ago I had a conversation with a member who wanted to share how delighted she is every time she hears “someone from our station on the network.”  She takes ownership in KUNC and feels a strong sense of pride hearing a national host introduces a reporter from member station KUNC in Colorado.  And yes, I am right there with her!  Beyond the pride I have for the incredible work done by our staff is a recognition of the importance of station contributions to the DNA of National Public Radio.

Bill Siemering, NPR’s first program director, recently noted that in defining the early sound for the network he wanted it to speak with many voices and dialects.  He added that the new network would have a varied audience and by using sound to tell the stories it would be more engaging. His intention was that it would not be second-rate but it would be a serious form of journalism.

Nearly 50 years later I believe the contributions of so many of our colleagues around the country to the national programming service have been vital to ensuring Bill’s vision is vital today.

In the last few weeks KUNC’s Leigh Patterson appeared on The Takeaway.  Explaining the nuances of Colorado’s Red Flag law to a national audience; Luke Runyon reporting on All Things Considered how the changing coal economy in Colorado will impact our water resources in Colorado; and KUNC’s Howie Movshovitz on Morning Edition with a film review of “Say Amen, Somebody.” 

Of course, these are just recent examples of a long and proud tradition of KUNC’s contributions to the national voice that is NPR.   Please know that all of us at KUNC know and appreciate how important your individual memberships are to our participation in this vital tradition.

Warm Regards,

Neil Best 
President & CEO