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Some News From Neil

KUNC Pres. Neil Best

For several years I’ve jokingly told family and close friends that the epitaph for my professional career would be: “He never grew up, never held a real job, and peter-principled himself to where he died.”

While much of that self-proclaimed prophecy is true and definitely not a joke, I have decided to alter the last line. Last month I notified the Community Radio for Northern Colorado Board of Directors of my decision to retire.

I was officially hired as a weekend host on July 1, 1973, after volunteering for a few months. That began what has been a remarkably rewarding career. After a year of contemplation, and yes, vacillation, it is my time to step aside.

Public radio is such a unique concept. Individual families voluntarily choosing to provide financial support for local radio stations, which creates a national service that provides an informed news service that reports on the world and our own neighborhoods. It truly has been an honor to be a small part of this remarkable public service. Back to my self-proclaimed epitaph, being a part of this organization has never been work. It simply has been an honor to be a part of the lives of our audience and to be part of what I call the public radio family.

The board will be conducting a national search for the next leader for Community Radio for Northern Colorado and I will continue to have the honor of being part of the team that serves you for the next several months.

Click here for the press release announcing Neil's retirement from KUNC.