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From Neil Best's Desk


Dear Friends,

Following the announcement of my pending retirement later this year, I have received many very kind notes filled with well wishes.

Many who have written have referenced my role in the 20-day campaign to raise over $2 million to make it possible for the station to leave the University of Northern Colorado and become a community-based (and focused) organization. Others have given me leadership credit for the launch of the Colorado Sound and the simultaneous transformation of KUNC into a full-time news and information station. There have also been references to KUNC’s commitment to growing our newsroom and expanding coverage to include Colorado Edition. Certainly, I was here (actually, here a lot longer!) and involved in those moments.

As much as the comments are appreciated, they provide me with the vehicle to touch on a subject that is very dear to me and allow me to turn the tables.

Most directly, thank you. There would be no Community Radio for Northern Colorado without you, the members of KUNC. There would have been no leaving the university and charting a path as an independent community radio station without the tireless effort of the Friends of KUNC in 2001 and the literally thousands of contributions made in those 20 days. And without the ongoing support of you, our members, there wouldn’t have been the opportunity to extend our services in 2016. Nor the ability to grow the KUNC newsroom to be the largest in northern Colorado in 2020.

So please do me a favor. When you are having a conversation with someone who identifies that, like you, that they are a KUNC member, please say thanks. Hopefully, they will do the same in return. We are all part of Community Radio for Northern Colorado, and remember, the most important word in our name is community.

With great appreciation and thanks,

Neil Best 
President & CEO