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From Neil Best's Desk

Neil Best
Neil Best

Dear Friends,

There are new voices coming to NPR and KUNC and voices that are leaving.

One of the voices leaving is NPR Morning Edition host David Greene. In what he describes as the 'hardest decision in his career': David will leave the hosting chair after eight years to explore other projects. His final day will be December 29th. Here I am passing along a note from David reflecting on his experiences at NPR.

I would love to share my favorite moment memory of David’s time with NPR but I can’t limit myself to one. If you have a favorite, please feel free to send it to me and I will be glad to pass it along to David.

The daily decisions as to what stories/issues to cover are mind-boggling in this frenetic time. One region, with multiple stories, that deserve on-going focus, is the Middle East. And I will note, NPR remains committed to this coverage even as so many other issues via for our attention. For the last three years, we have been blessed to hear the insightful reporting of Jane Arraf, who has been based in Cairo where she has brought her two decades of reporting from the region to our listening ears. This past week she visited with All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro with a look back on her coverage for NPR.

Closer to home, here at our studios, we are pleased to be introducing new voices that have joined our newsroom. Beau Baker is our new voice hosting All Things Considered and Marketplace weekday afternoons. His joining the staff comes as the result of longtime host Desmond O’Boyle accepting the position of Assistant News Director in our newsroom. If you have heard me on-air during our membership drives or have read my notes here, you know just how important I consider our commitment to the editing process. As KUNC has grown to have the largest newsroom staff in northern Colorado it is vital that we extend that growth to include a greater commitment to the editing process here at KUNC.

We also are excited to have Robyn Vincent join the staff as a part of our commitment to the Mountain West News Bureau. This collaboration and Robyn’s contributions are a vital part of our commitment to reporting to you on issues that cross state lines, mountain ranges, and river basins and are important to all of us across the region.

Finally, a moment to thank a voice you probably didn’t hear on the air, but whose influences have been profound. Lily Tyson joined us in the summer of 2019 as a producer for KUNC’s newsmagazine, Colorado Edition. Lily has been a vital member of the team to launch and grow our commitment to telling the stories of northern Colorado. As Lily heads off to graduate school, we wish her well. We look forward to welcoming her replacement in the next few weeks.

Finally, as we approach the end of 2020 a note of thanks from everyone of us at KUNC for your continuous listening and support. It is truly a blessing for us to be part of the KUNC family with you.

Warm Regards,