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From Neil Best's Desk


Dear Friends,

As some of you read this, I expect you may be asking yourself, “Another note from Neil, I thought he retired months ago!”

The quick answer is this is my last note to you as President and CEO of Community Radio for Northern Colorado. My final day, before retirement, will be this Friday, April 2nd. The following Monday my very good friend Tammy Terwelp will be taking the leadership position for KUNC and the Colorado Sound.

Writing this note is a nearly-impossible task. Over the course of 48 years there are so many connections it is impossible to enumerate everyone who has empowered me to never really have to “work” a day in my entire professional career. Rather to have a career where the goal was always to have the perfect broadcast day — never achieved, but always a worthwhile goal to look forward to each morning.

So while I can’t enumerate everyone I can’t leave without acknowledging just a few key milestones.

  • Thanks to Bill Hurt, former station manager who 48 years ago believed in me and gave me the start to my professional life at KUNC.
  • Members of the Friends of KUNC committee who led the effort to raise more than two million dollars cash in less than 20 days and purchase the license of KUNC from the University of Northern Colorado and create the community licensed organization that is now Community Radio for Northern Colorado. A special thanks to the co-chairs of that committee Pat Thomas and Nancy D’Albergaria for your thoughtful and persistent leadership during that time.
  • My thanks to all the staff members I have had the opportunity to team with over my entire career.
  • For the past twenty years I have received wonderful guidance and support from members of the Board of Directors and the KUNC Advisory Panels.
  • A special note of thanks to the Board of Directors and staff who were so instrumental in the creation of the Colorado Sound as our music discovery station while at the same time enabling KUNC to become a full-time news and information resource.
  • Of course, the biggest thank you goes to you the KUNC audience and especially the KUNC members who make this vital public service a reality. I will always cherish every interaction that I have had over the years with you as individuals. Thank you.

Finally my entire career would not have been possible without the daily support I received from my wife Joyce and also our sons, Brian and Brandon along with Jenny, Liz, and grandchildren, Magnolia, Poppy, and Brooks.

Warmest Regards,

Neil Best


Editor’s Note:

The CRNC Board of Directors is planning an in-person farewell for Neil this summer as COVID restrictions allow. Please stay tuned for that announcement later this year.

Those wishing to honor Neil’s retirement at this time can do so with an additional gift to the Neil Best Fellowship fund.