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The Music of 2011

Julia Folsom
Flickr - Creative Commons

Ahhh, December-- the month of glorious holidays and end-of-year-lists... 

Amazing albums were released this year - My picks will be unveiled this week starting with...

Annie Wenz - Ride the Sky

Annie Wenz has traveled all over the world and has absorbed the music of many cultures. Her musing has led her “from brilliantly poetic watercolor story songs about life & love & backpacking through jungles & villages around the globe... to vivid gritty & tattered hard ridden road songs penned during long distant blue highway trips “ on the 2 wheels of her Harley.  She is an amazing woman and musician, reflected in her latest work, Ride the Sky.

This is a great compilation video of the album.


SHEL - When the Dragon Came Down

SHEL is an acronym from the names of the four sisters who compose the band, Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza.  All for women are classically trained (though they have a penchant for the music of Led Zeppelin), and are multi-instrumentalists as well as vocalists - and they are FUN! It has been fun watching the quartet mature and soar to the stars. Watch these women - for they have no boundaries, and we can only expect amazing things from them.


More tomorrow...