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The Music of 2011: Day 5

Flickr - Creative Commons

These two stunning albums are from artists that stopped me in my tracks; not only with their recorded projects, but their live performances as well...

Red Molly, is a trio of accomplished veteran singer/songwriters: Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner, and the newest member, Molly Venter. Each are solid performers in their own right, but oh my, the synergy that exudes from their merging is breathtaking. Case in point, they wowed the crowd at High Mountain Hay Fever in Westcliffe this summer. Their newest work, Light in the Sky, beautifully captures their impeccable harmonies, soulful ballads, standards in bluegrass flavored swing, and delightful Red Molly soul. A sonic joy is an understatement.

Red Molly - "Does My Ring Burn Your Finger"

How could I not include The Civil Wars Barton Hollow in this list? The duo of  Joy Williams and John Paul White, met at a campfire at a folk festival. Starting out quietly at first then quickly achieving national acclaim with their enchanting and haunting renderings of songs that tickle, warm, or stab through your heart. Williams and White are not married and appear to have personalities that are polar opposites. Williams, from southern California (prior to moving to Nashville) reflects the lightness and eco-consciousness of the west coast, while Alabamian John Paul White is more salt of the earth. They are certainly wed musically given the intimacy of their performance, including a stunning one at this year's Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons. I could go on and on, but just listen to this incredible performance captured earlier this year at eTown.

The Civil Wars - "Poison & Wine "

Be sure to check out all of my earlier picks from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The complete list, as well as some honorable mentions, will be posted tomorrow along with a Weekend Audition that's perfect for the holidays!

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