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New Roots: The Vespers & Trampled By Turtles

The Vespers
The Vespers

Get inside some of the new roots sounds this weekend...

The Vespers, are composed of multi- instrumentalist sisters Callie and Phoebe Cryar (vocals, banjo, mandolin, Ukulele, guitar,and more) and brothers Bruno and Taylor Jones who keep the band’s musical foundation strong with bass and percussion.

The four met at a campfire jam, clicked, and soon hit the road, “playing festivals from Boston to Austin and college campuses in between”. Though it was a quiet release, their debut album, Tell Your Mama, achieved critical acclaim from music industry outlets such as No Depression.

Their work ranges from bluegrass indie-folk to bluesy roots-rock; and is very good with great blood harmonies and musicianship. They have honored their latest release, entitled The Fourth Wall, with a mini-documentary called An Unfolding Story.

The Fourth Wall, of course, is a reference is to the imaginary wall between the audience and the performers, and in this case, the ornate proscenium through which The Vespers share their magic.

Trampled by Turtles was formed in 2003 in Duluth Minnesota by five musicians who wanted to play acoustic music as a break from their rock bands. Drawn to old-timey music, folk and fiddle tunes, and Bluegrass, the quintet quickly found a home in the genre. Years of touring and recording followed.

Stars and Satellites is their eighth album and the group desired to “musically step out of their comfort zone” and create a work that ‘breathes’ rather than treating their recording process like another night of a tour.

Oh yeah—they still can play fast, but their picking feels cleaner and more thoughtful that what I have heard from them before. Stars and Satellites is more of a sophisticated work, and is delicious.

On the making of Stars and Satellites

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