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April Showers Bring May Covers of Coldplay, LMFAO & Fleetwood Mac

Screencap of The Lumineers from their ReImagined session, in which an artist reinterprets a Grammy winning song.
Recording Academy
Screencap of The Lumineers from their ReImagined session, in which an artist reinterprets a Grammy winning song.

The cover song has been lauded and reviled throughout music history. To paraphrase a bit here; you either surpass the 'authentic' original or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

The Autumn Film have been a bit absent lately. Never fear, they're back with a just released trio of covers on May Day from Coldplay. It's all you can ever ask of a cover, taking the original and marrying it to your sound to create something familiar, yet distinct. Tifah Phillips' voice alone makes the case.


The crowd online seems to have really embraced "Til Kingdom Come" but for my money, The Autumn Film deliver on Trouble, which is one of my favorites.

Another local making a name for themselves is The Lumineers. From the release of their first album, an ethereal performance Live @ Swallow Hill, to now, an invitation for the The Recording Academy's ReImagined series. In covering Fleetwood Mac though, you are stepping into the shoes of a heavyweight, especially with "Go Your Own Way".

Summer is around the corner, and we're all clamoring for the new sound of sunny days. Depending on your stance, you're probably ready for a new sound as last year's reigning champ LMFAO may be getting a little long in the tooth. While "Party Rock Anthem" has been described as an "aerosolized bio-sonic weapon", it's only half of the 1-2 punch. "Sexy And I Know It" is the right cross.

Todd Park Mohr, of local heroes Big Head Todd, has the version of 'Sexy' though that is the new heavyweight champion. H/T to KUNC member and listener @tvparrot who turned us on to this one earlier this year...


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