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Listen To The Avett Brothers' Latest, 'Another Is Waiting'

Courtesy of the artist
The Avett Brothers will release 'Magpie and the Dandelion' on Oct 15.

In less than a year, right on the heels in fact of the Avett Brothers' last album The Carpenter, there's new music to hear.

Highlighting the eclectic sound of the North Carolinian Avett Brothers, “Another is Waiting,” features both classic folk and rock elements.

Led by vocals from Seth Avett, the song begins by depicting a scene of unrequited love, something familiar to many Avett Brother’s stories. Suddenly though, the soft banjo picking is aided by a classic rock drum rhythm indicating that this is indeed one of the highly popularized bluegrass-gone-rock tunes associated with the group.

Harmoniously blending these distinct sounds, “Another is Waiting” adds yet another track to the growing list of classic Avett songs. If you need more from the Avett's be sure to check out their performance from the 2013 Newport Folk Festival, archived here.

Davis Alcorn is an intern working this summer in the KUNC Music Department.

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