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Tommy Castro Has A New Album And The Changes Are Great

Alligator Records
Tommy Castro's latest, 'The Devil You Know.'

“The contemporary blues scene is full of fresh, new sounds. It’s an exciting time.”

Tommy Castro both said that and proves it true.

The Devil You Know is the new album out from Tommy Castro with his band, now called the Painkillers. I’d call that a pretty good band name because, as we all know, Blues music is therapeutic. Especially here with 13 high energy songs played with great talent and more than a bit of abandon.

“For the new album I challenged myself to add different sounds and new rhythms to my style while remaining true to my roots," said Castro. "I wrote using ideas for songs and ideas for sounds together in a way I’d never done before, using drum rhythms to drive the lyrics.”

Some may be familiar with Castro’s past trend towards guitar driven, R & B tinged Blues back by horns. The powerful guitar work is still there, but now the band is more stripped down and the sound is leaner.

“I’m always moving forward, going outside of my wheelhouse, listening to new music and incorporating new ideas,” noted Castro.

It's that gritty R & B infused Contemporary Blues-Rock, that bridge that I like so much. Respecting the past while creating the future.

When you hear Tommy Castro and the Painkillers in person you can’t mistake the fact that Tommy and company want you to have a real good time.

"The Painkillers really get me back to my roots," said Castro. "It feels to me a lot more like it did when I first started playing with my friends as a kid. Bands were always just three or four guys playing for the fun of it."

Whenever I’ve heard them it’s been a great party. I have no doubt a good time will be had by all as the band heads out with the new material from The Devil You Know.

Don’t take my word for it. Blurt Magazine said “Castro is one of the greatest blues guitarists, songwriters and entertainers in the world today.”

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