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Letters From London: August 8th

William Hobbs
Flickr - Creative Commons

Freshly graduated and shipped off to London; Stephen Kasica is on assignment in London for the Olympics. He sent us this missive:

Dear Colorado,

I had a brief conversation with a Beefeater, retired British soldiers of 20-plus years who guide walking tours through the Tower of London. When he learned I was from Colorado he said, “Something big happened there recently, did it not?”

I replied that there was another shooting.

“Tragedy,” he replied.

After more than a few days in London and at the Olympics, I’ve probably seen hundreds of soldiers, but not one rifle.

Out of all the British police also staying at the University of Greenwich none of them carry a pistol or a revolver on their hips.

In the stadium I never saw the small cloud of smoke from the starter’s pistol; races are started by a buzzing pang.

So I replied to the Beefeater, “Yes it was.”

Stephen Kasica

Stephen, a Boulder resident and University of Colorado journalism grad, is in London supporting his girlfriend, Shalaya Kipp, at the Olympic Games and reporting for the CU Journalism News Service. Follow his trip through the 2012 London Olympics on Twitter: @stephenkasica

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