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Colorado Begins State Ban On Vaping In Most Public Places

Lindsay Fox / ecigarettereviewed.com
CC BY 2.0

A law against public vaping has taken effect across Colorado.

The Durango Herald reports the new state law beginning Monday prohibits vaping in most public places, including bars and restaurants.

Under the law, authorities can fine the owner, manager or operator of a business where illegal vaping occurs, while individual vaping in a prohibited area can also result in a fine.

Vaping is inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette or other device that typically heats a flavored nicotine solution.

The law passed this year by the state Legislature updates the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

State health officials say the rule is intended to protect residents from secondhand vape aerosol, but may also discourage vaping among young people.

Officials say studies established that people can consume nicotine from secondhand aerosol.

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