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News brief with the Colorado Sun: Poaching cases rise in Colorado and Aspen building codes updated

A group of mule deer in Colorado in 2008.
Nathan Bilow
A group of mule deer in Colorado in 2008.

Colorado is seeing a surge in poaching cases, and most of them are from out of state. Colorado Parks & Wildlife are seeing poaching on both private and public lands. Poaching numbers by nature are elusive, but last fall brought a discernible spike in wildlife infractions across Colorado. On average, wildlife officials write 2,600-2,700 tickets per year for various forms of poaching.

The toll of poaching on Colorado’s public and private lands, much of which goes undetected, is difficult to gauge. By some estimates, poaching harvests as much wildlife as legitimate hunting.

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Aspen has adopted stricter building codes for homes. The goal is to put the city in line with climate goals by 2050. Aspen hopes to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025. The city council suspended home construction within city limits in December, 2021.

There are more than 40 amendments to the International Building Code. Some changes include fire resistant exteriors in all new homes. All air conditioning units in new homes must be heat pumps, as opposed to traditional air conditioning units.

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