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News brief with the Colorado Sun: Warren Miller ski movie changes and mountain postal service woes

Vail Ski Resort
Joe Lin / CC BY 2.0
CC BY 2.0
Controversial changes were made to the Warren Miller ski movie— and that's put a lot of scrutiny on the new owner.

KUNC’s Dylan Simard was joined by Lance Benzel from the Colorado Sun to discuss the annual Warren Miller Ski movie. According to Benzel, it’s not the same as in past years.

“This year will be the first time that there's no new footage of skiing or snowboarding in the movie," said Benzel. "That's the first time in 74 years.”

The rights to the movie were purchased by Boulder-based Outside, Inc. — which claims that the movie is very much alive. There will be some short films shown by young new directors. Films like last year's "Daymaker" have been a popular yearly event for the brand. Benzel shared that this year's film will be looking back over Warren Miller's 74-year history and the 2024 film will be back and strong to celebrate 75 years.

Colorado’s small, mountain town postal servicehasbeenstruggling.Benzel says that it’s a series of small problems that are getting in the way of the mail.

“The agency is dealing with labor shortages, snowy weather, budget cuts… just sort of a combination of circumstances that is making it difficult to deliver the mail,” Benzel said.

The postal service is vowing to address the problem, and is looking to invest more in service in the communities affected.

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