University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication

The University of Colorado Board of Regents is meeting this week to discuss the future of Boulder’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The future of CU’s journalism program will be a topic of discussion on Tuesday and Wednesday.  But CU Regents are waiting on a final recommendation from President Bruce Benson before taking any action.

Colorado Department of Corrections

A group that represents 22 Southern Colorado counties opposes a move by Governor John Hickenlooper to close a prison in Las Animas.

Action 22 said yesterday that it opposes closing the Fort Lyon correctional facility in an area that needs jobs and where 14 counties have high poverty levels. Hickenlooper said in his budget proposal this week that closing the prison would cut 149 jobs. But Bill Long, a commissioner in Bent County where the prison is located, says the move would not only result in lost jobs, but would also devastate the local economy.

Colorado Public Television

This week, Governor John Hickenlooper released his first budget.  It outlined some of the biggest cuts ever for k-12 education, and has many lawmakers from both sides of the aisle unhappy.  It’s one of the topics our media partners at Colorado Public Television and Colorado Inside Out are discussing. Here’s host Raj Chohan.

Creative Commons

A fundraising effort to repair the rusting cast-iron dome on top of the State Capitol is off to a slow, but steady start.

Grace Hood / KUNC

As Colorado K-12 schools face an estimated $375 million cut in funding next year, some may be turning to companies like State Farm Insurance and First Bank for help. More districts are deciding to display ads on the sides of school busses for extra revenue. Five states this year are considering legalizing the practice.

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A bill that would let illegal immigrants who graduate from Colorado high schools pay in state college tuition cleared the Democratic controlled senate education committee on a party line vote on Thursday.

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Scientists, environmentalists and former vice president Al Gore are gathering in Aspen tomorrow to discuss climate change and the West’s shrinking forests.

Organizers of the event call it a “teachable moment,” citing the Mountain Pine Beetle as an example. The tiny insect has killed an estimated 3.6 million acres of forests in Colorado and Wyoming. And recent forest fires and Sudden Aspen Decline have taken a toll, too.

Carlye Calvin, UCAR

The Colorado State Forest Service has released its tenth annual forest health report, and it finds that insects and disease remain a large threat to the state’s forests.

Small insects do a lot of damage to trees and our forests.  We’ve seen what the Mountain Pine Beetle has done.  And it’s moved into the trees in our Front Range communities.

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While the debate over tossing out the healthcare bill continues, a non-profit consumer health group is advocating the benefits of a provision in the bill that would cap out-of-pocket spending on healthcare.