Fort Collins Nursery

I saw the first blooming crocus of the spring in a sunny south facing garden this week.  Then we went to the Nursery for seeds and waited in line to get to the seed racks.

Lawmakers want to entice people to pay their back taxes to help fill part of the state's budget shortfall. A Democrat-backed tax amnesty bill would waive penalties and fines if people come forward and pay up. But while that idea is popular on both sides of the aisle, another provision in the bill isn't.

Grace Hood

After a spike in the number of female inmates, Larimer County Jail officials say the population has decreased to normal levels.

Larimer County budget constraints are limiting staffing at the jail. That means that even though the facility was designed to hold as many as 533, current funding caps that number to 460. And there are also space constraints. When the number of women increased in mid February, jail administrator Capt Timothy Palmer said he had to add beds in the common area, and even convert a male housing area into one for women.

February Snowpack Strong in Colorado

Mar 3, 2011
Scott Bauer / U.S. Department of Agriculture

February's snowstorms helped boost snowpack across the state as the trend of above-average conditions continued.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

As state utility regulators are deciding whether to allow Xcel Energy to drastically cut a rebate program for homeowners who install rooftop solar panels, a new project aims to study how renewable energy and conservation can be made more financially appealing to utility companies. 

A popular but long-neglected commercial district in Boulder is inching toward an overdue makeover.  KUNC’s Erin O’Toole talks with Boulder County Business Report publisher Chris Wood about efforts to revitalize an area known as “the Hill.”

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Future land use in the west and beyond is the topic at a two-day conference in Denver starting today.

Before a panel of state lawmakers Wednesday, Xcel Energy defended its plan to dramatically cut subsidies that have made it easier for the utility’s customers to install solar panels on their roofs.  Colorado solar companies say the move has effectively frozen the market and they've filed a motion asking state utility regulators to reinstate the rebates.

Colorado State University

The Defense Department could be doing more to oversee tuition assistance granted to veterans in Colorado and across the country. That’s according to a recent report released by the nonpartisan research arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office.


Medicinal pot brownies, candies, and other infused products are here to stay in Colorado. A Republican lawmaker introduced a bill to ban medical marijuana centers from selling infused products. But after facing opposition from the medical marijuana industry and lawmakers, including some members of her own party, she is significantly changing the measure.