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Recent calls for civility in politics hit a bump in the road at the state capitol last week. KUNC’s Brian Larson spoke with Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff about that and the confirmation of a controversial member Governor John Hickenlooper’s cabinet that’s already causing partisan divisions.

Commuters can expect to battle icy roads and bitter cold as the snow continues to fall across the region.
Meteorologist Kyle Fredin of the National Weather Service in Boulder says the extreme cold is the story of this storm, with temperatures along the Front Range expected to plummet to around -15 to even -20 in some parts Tuesday night. The record low temperature for then is -25.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet brought his school tour to Northern Colorado today with a visit to Harris Bilingual Immersion School in Ft. Collins.

Colorado's State of the Union Shout Out

Jan 28, 2011
Colorado Public Television

Colorado got a shout out in President Obama’s State of the Union Address this week, and it was Colorado Senator Mark Udall’s idea that lawmakers from different sides of the aisle sit together, rather than by party affiliation.  It’s one of the topics our Media partners at Colorado Public Television and Colorado Inside Out are discussing.


U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service is seeking public input on a proposed land exchange in Eagle County. 

The Hickenlooper Administration is warning state higher education leaders that they shouldn't expect the gloomy budget picture facing colleges and universities to improve this year. The Governor told a group of students and faculty from the University of Colorado today at the state capitol that there is no magic fix for higher education.
Higher education is one of the only areas in the state budget without strings attached or constitutional restrictions, meaning it's often one of the first departments lawmakers turn to when trying to balance the budget.

President Obama wants more of America’s energy to be produced by clean sources. He’ll hit the road next week with that message. While Colorado is not among his stops, the state is already charging ahead with its own renewable standard.

A bill that aims to ban people from using public assistance money at strip clubs overwhelming cleared a house committee on Thursday. The Democratic sponsor of the bill says it’s a relatively rare occurrence but still a loophole in the law.

Another state report is out giving dire predictions about the future of water supplies in arid Colorado, even as the state's population continues to boom. The report shows that unless more conservation and other water projects move forward, up to 700,000 acres of farmland could be dried up in the state by 2050.
The release of the Statewide Water Supply Initiative comes as water managers from around the region are meeting for a Colorado Water Congress summit.

Plant Select

Plant Select is a cooperative of regional growers, CSU and Denver Botanic Gardens.  They have announced their recommendations and introductions for 2011.  The Plant Select 2011 perennials include: