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How About Some Viper Venom Con Queso On Your Barrel O' Fun Chips?

I was trying to be funny when I suggested recently it might be time for a whole new category of recalls to cover those so strange you just can't make them up.

In the week since excess lead prompted the recall of "Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge" candy bars (really!), there have been a couple of other doozies.

Anybody for Viper Venom Con Queso? I didn't think so. But if you wavered, be aware that Mama Rose's Gourmet Foods has recalled a whole bunch of the stuff along with other cheese dips because of botulism risks. Details here.

Then there are the Valu Time Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips being recalled because some contain undeclared whey, which could cause trouble for people allergic to milk products.

The product name isn't the eye-grabber this time. Instead, the chips come from Barrel O' Fun Snack Foods Co. And the recall notice advises:

Consumers with any questions may contact Barrel O' Fun at 1-800-346-4910 (7am-5pm CST Monday-Friday).

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Scott Hensley edits stories about health, biomedical research and pharmaceuticals for NPR's Science desk. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has led the desk's reporting on the development of vaccines against the coronavirus.