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Hawk Caught, Removed From Library Of Congress

I think this will be the last animal post of the day. We'll see. This "breaking news" is a follow-up to last night's post about a trapped Cooper's Hawk.

The wayward winged predator had been stuck since last week in the Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress. Today it was captured and sent for a rehab stint with the .

The capture occurred at 8:30 a.m. ET and took about 25 minutes.

The hawk was found to be in good health and will be released into the wild after it goes through rehab.

Here's how a LOC blog post described the capture:

"The team put a pair of starlings – Frick and Frack, according to their owner – in a trap on a ledge inside the dome and waited, hidden beneath a tarp."

"The starlings saw the hawk poised nearby and froze."

"But the noise of a truck passing by the Jefferson Building startled the pair and caused them to move."

"The motion drew the attention of the hawk: She immediately flew onto the trap, where its talons entangled in the nylon nooses attached to the top of the wire cage."

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Wright Bryan