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Egyptian Activist Watches Change Take His Country


Thank you so much for making taking our call.

ALAA AL: Oh, thank you very much.

HANSEN: What are you seeing now where you are in downtown Cairo?

AL: I must tell you that it has become now evident that what happened yesterday by some people who attacked the civilians, and the robbery and all this, was an organized plan by the regime which was through all the police officers and police soldiers from the whole country, just to make the people scared.

HANSEN: Where do you think this is going now?

AL: So it seems to me that all dictators in the last minute try to calm the injured by decisions, which are not really what is demanded. What is demanded is that Mr. Mubarak must resign.

HANSEN: Dr. Alaa, do you think this can be resolved peacefully?

AL: When I say the system, it means more than the political regime. The whole system is no more functioning and it's a burden on millions of Egyptians, especially, young generation. I would say that what happened in Egypt is very similar to the revolution in 1968 in France, where millions of young French people wanted really to change the whole trend to get a new republic. And I think this is the moment in Egypt.

HANSEN: Thank you again, Dr. Alaa.

AL: Thank you. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.