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Ron Paul Considering 2012 Presidential Run: Report

Before Sarah Palin, there was Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) whose name in a blog headline could generate a googol of Web clicks. Here's hoping his Internet magic hasn't worn off.

Paul, a libertarian who opposed the the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and continues to call for an end to the Federal Reserve, is apparently considering another run for the Republican presidential nomination. If he decides to run, it would be his third presidential rodeo.

Of course, now Paul would have to compete for media attention with his son Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), the new junior senator from the Bluegrass State, who is no ordinary freshman senator in terms of how much spotlight he's drawing.

Fox News reports:

Texas Congressman Ron Paul "is strongly considering a run [for president] in 2012 and is currently assessing his prospects," according to Jesse Benton, Senior Advisor to Rep. Paul's Campaign for Liberty organization. This news comes on a day when we've also found out Paul has accepted an invitation to speak in Iowa next month.

The Family Leader, a new conservative activist organization, sent out a news release this morning announcing Paul would participate in the organization's "presidential lecture series."

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