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'Time' Picked The '100 Greatest Toys'; Let's Choose No. 1

A 2002-era Malibu Barbie.
Lawrence Lucier
Getty Images
A 2002-era Malibu Barbie.

Time magazine loves its lists, and we love its latest:

The " All-Time 100 Greatest Toys."

Divided by decades, it takes you all the way from the Radio Flyer Wagon of the 1920s to the Zhu Zhu Pets of today. With lots of your favorites in between: Sock Monkey, Legos, Wiffle Ball, Frisbee, Fake Vomit, SuperBall, Cabbage Patch Doll. You get the idea.

But let's see if we can narrow things down. Here are 10 to choose from (my criteria: either I played with them, or my children did, or they're already in the National Toy Hall of Fame):

If I've blown it in some way, feel free to suggest others in the comments thread.

(And please note: I didn't burden you all again with my harrumphing about the very late inclusion of "ball" in the hall of fame. Or maybe I just did?)

Update at 4:25 p.m. ET:The people have spoken! I heard your comments about not having Legos among the choices, and have added them to the question. Legos should show up in the box shortly.

Tip:If you already cast your "ballot," clear the cookies from your browser and you should be able to get back into the list again.

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