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Other News: Court Battles In Wis.; Crisis In Libya; Tears On Capitol Hill

The major news of the morning, as we've reported, is the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan today and the tsunami warning that stretches east to Hawaii and the Pacific coast of the continental U.S. We'll be following that story as the day continues.

Other stories making headlines include:

-- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Court Battles, Recalls Likely After Passage Of Collective Bargaining Bill.

--The New York Times: "Obama Seeks A Course Of Pragmatism In The Middle East."

-- BBC News: European Union Leaders Say Gadhafi Must Go.

-- The Guardian: "Libyan Troops Enter Ras Lanuf."

-- The Wall Street Journal: "U.S. Families Slice Debt To Lowest In 6 Years."

-- Politico:"GOP's 2012 Playbook: Budget Cuts Blaze Trail."

-- NPR.org: "Tears, No New Fears At Muslim Radicals Hearing."

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Mark Memmott is NPR's supervising senior editor for Standards & Practices. In that role, he's a resource for NPR's journalists – helping them raise the right questions as they do their work and uphold the organization's standards.