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Store Owner: You Can Take Away My Free Gun Promotion When ...

It's the deal that comes with a bang, as Morning Edition said earlier this week.

Steve Strand, who owns a Radio Shack store in Hamilton, Mont., has been giving customers who buy Dish Network equipment and service this deal: a free "Hi Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun," as the local Ravalli Republic has reported. (They can opt for a $50 pizza coupon instead.)

And even though Radio Shack has objected, Strand isn't giving in. He says the promotion has nothing to do with the Radio Shack side of his business — it's about his Dish Network business. And that company, theBillings Gazettesays, doesn't mind.

So, to paraphrase the late Charlton Heston, Strand's saying he'll stop the promotion when somebody pries it from his cold ... fingers.

Strand says the story's been generating calls from news outlets around the world, and generating business for him too. He's got a website here: .

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