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Afghans Demonstrate Against Quran Burning

GUY RAZ, Host:

Quil, shock - obviously - over those killings at the U.N. headquarters. How is the U.N. in Afghanistan responding?

QUIL LAWRENCE: But they attacked - what almost everyone is recognizing - are people who had nothing to do, of course, with the burning of this Quran in Florida. And as you know, seven people were killed - seven U.N. staff were killed, and five demonstrators as well.

RAZ: Quil, I wonder, how was it so easy for them to get inside of that compound?

LAWRENCE: Apparently, it was just numbers that overwhelmed the guards. And again, this is not a compound that is on high alert, or in a city that's used to security threats. It's not in a - sort of security stance that places even here in the capital are, for example.

RAZ: What do you know about the other demonstrations that broke out throughout the day?

LAWRENCE: There were protests all over the city. There were clashes with security forces there. And at least nine people were killed, and scores were wounded, as well as many shops burned, cars burned. And in particular, they destroyed a girls' high school.

RAZ: Quil, thanks very much.

LAWRENCE: Thank you, Guy. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.