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In Japan: Search Is On For Radioactive Leak Even As Some Is Released

The complex struggle at Japan's crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant continues. There's word this morning that even as they " used a milky bathwater dye" to try to trace the path of radiation-contaminated water that's getting into the ocean from the plant, workers are also deliberately dumping some other contaminated water into the sea because they need to drain the pools at the reactors in order to bring cooling systems back on line.

NPR's Joe Palca, who is in Tokyo, explained what's going on for NPR's Newcast.

Meanwhile, some of the other headlines this morning about the crisis in north central Japan, which was pummeled by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11, include:

-- "Nearly 28,000 Dead Or Missing." ( NHK News)

-- "Scale Of Death Paralyzes Coronor." ( The Japan Times)

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